Wednesday, May 06, 2015

KitoBito: Wooden Kitchens in Japan

All photos from Remodelista
Built to last lifetimes--all wood joinery.  And minimal style.

I'd like to do something along these lines.  Not exactly the same, but this is just breathtaking.  I like the aesthetic.  Have less, of superior quality.  The peace and serenity is what it's all about.

There is less cabinetry here than is found in most traditional (American, or Western) kitchens.  And it's of the highest quality, hand made of oak, with mortise & tenon joinery.  You can see some of the joinery in the drawer below:

The kitchen below speaks to me of mindfulness and clarity, two qualities I aspire to.

That feeling after the dishes are washed and put away.

I think these makers understand that sort of deep peace.

And I would like to make shelves like the one above.  I have several and they can alter a space.  Or be an altar.  Not a lot of furniture, but it does a lot of work, just perching on a wall.

KitoBito means "trees and people"--I love that--and is owned by Masayuki Yoneto (above, center).

I love solid wood simple cabinets and open shelves.  These guys are doing this to the very highest level of craftsmanship, and yet their designs are uncluttered.  Lots of minimal (looking) cabinetry is made from pressboard, plywood, or plastic veneer.  What these makers are doing combines minimalism with honest wood and craft.

As a result, they create peaceful spaces.  

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