Monday, May 04, 2015

feeling the earth

One of the cravings I have is to get a feel our planet in a very first hand way, by touch, with my feet, even by traveling in a vehicle, but in such a way that I have time to form first hand sense impressions.

When I first used google earth to "fly" over continents I was ecstatic.  It's the same experience I've had in dreams.  That's the experience I want to have in life.  To feel the earth, and to feel my place in it.  When I see a bird swooping, I see the air lifting it up.  I want the earth to lift me up.  Smells and rain and soil and leaves to lift me up, to carry me along as I walk across a continent.  To know the earth and my place in it.

Tonight I laid in our back yard, watching the tree tops sway in the evening as bright green afternoon faded to dark of night.  Twigs in the dirt poked my back.  Bugs landed on me.

What is it to be alive?  What are the limits of a human lifetime?  What is it possible to experience in 2015?  Unanswered questions--the train is leaving the station, to explore.

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