Sunday, November 02, 2014

progress report: in motion!

i'm glancing around my living room at furniture i made before I knew much of anything about woodworking.  it's all beautiful and functional!  it's all made from scraps of wood i found here & there.

the table i'm making now has joinery inspired by timber framing.  just very simple mortises and tenons, plus maybe a couple of dovetails to support cross pieces that support the table top.

i've been paralyzed for months on this table because i spent about $100 on the wood and another $160 on a vise.  so this table has to be perfect!  or awesome, or a showcase of my skill, or something.  which doesn't help one to actually get moving on a project.

but anyway my new system is just to put in hours and see what happens.  by just putting myself in my space (in the basement), things are happening.  this afternoon, i plan to clock in and do at least 2 more hours.  i don't have the ideal tools, but i can make do with the ones i have.  so far:  2 tenons, 1 mortise complete.

i've started.  i'm not scared of making a mistake on my beautiful 4x4 cedar leg posts.  I just went for it.  and the joinery works.  i did a test fit and it works.  the pieces even meet at almost a 90 degree angle!