Sunday, May 10, 2015

butterfly joint


Nakashima made these famous.  I want to try them.  A nice alternative to gluing, or doweling.  The butterfly key joins two boards edge to edge.

I'm putting a wood floor in my van.  Do you think I can pull this off?  An advantage is that I can remove the key later to disassemble the planks.   And if I use a contrasting hardwood, it will look cool.  Even if I don't do a perfect joinery job.

I am so excited!!  Yess!! So much more elegant than purchasing a $65 doweling jig and dowels.  Of course it's a japanese concept.  And...visible joinery is more honest than hidden joinery.

I love how scratched and worn the wood is in this photo.  Using a butterfly key for a completely humble and utilitarian purpose.  Rather than on a fancy lacquered table that costs $5000.

I'm still nervous about my planks not being flat.  I will choose very carefully!  And I'll use my new Japanese plane (if I have it by then).

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