Tuesday, May 26, 2015

floor update

Here are some pictures of my process of creating the wood floor for the van.  I cut up a yoga/camping mat and stapled little foam squares to the underside of the boards to prevent the wood from clattering on metal.  Here are the support boards laid out.

horizontal supports for the floor.
Scribing the boards to fit around the wheel wells and gas tank intake was challenging and time consuming but I figured it out, which was very satisfying.

I even made the floor in such a way that it can be removed, which is good for now since I'm doing nasty rust removal and very fumey painting after that.

After a long day of work I put up my hammock to rest and think about the next steps.  I also put my little wooden bench and some crates in there as trial furniture to get a sense of the space.

I love wood!  The floor transforms the feel of the van.

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