Monday, October 02, 2006

on the hunt

what does the truth smell like? how do you know when you're getting "warmer" (remember that game)?

recently a person was heard to say "i know it's the truth because it makes me happy." while the reasoning sounds like it falls short, i can relate. there is a certain peaceful, free feeling that comes. and if you're holding something really, really tightly, then i don't think you can have that sense.

perhaps part of the game is to let go of the need to know you're right all the time (mike's big thing). not that there is no absolute truth--reality is definitely there to crash into all the time... sometimes there is no knowing, just taking steps with a heart open to guidance.

i'm reminded of a quote bethy copied into a book somewhere: a big belly laugh is a way of saying "ain't that the truth".

i have to run off to do you recognize the truth?

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Wikkid Person said...

It's just kinda behind things all the time, inarguable, and not fully known. To say "where is the truth? How do I get close to it?" is like saying "where is the sky? How can I get close to it?" We don't always look at it, but it's always right in our faces, and it only looks to be far away. Actually we are standing in it, head to toe.