Thursday, June 15, 2006

how to attain enlightenment--by angie & paula

  1. wear baggy multi-colored clothes--preferably made in a foreign country.
  2. get dreads.
  3. purchase a buddhist prayer flag & drape it somewhere in your environment
  4. chant words you don't understand repeatedly
  5. burn incense & eat tofu
  6. anything eastern is good. eschew & conceal your essential whiteness (or whatever ethnicity you're trying not to be).
  7. wear lots of accessories & big earrings made of wood, bone, or shell.
i find it funny that i have the urge to do a lot of the things i've listed here. i also have some very groovy sandals. i just need to stock up on the foreign-made jewelry & sweaters (here i come, peru) & i should be set.

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Wikkid Person said...

and don't forget that you should not shave legs and armpits, and should wear some "alternative" to deodorant.