Thursday, June 08, 2006


being at home is good. not always easy or comfortable, but good. everywhere outdoors is lush, green, and quiet. the birds are chirping. i can hear dave pushing the lawnmower. the mechanism which propels the mower is broken, so it's quite a workout.

yesterday i went to the strawberry patch and visited my friends who run it. it's so good to see people i go way back with. it's good to see them married, with children.

later, i hulled and sliced strawberries to freeze. it's kind of nice to just do housework, and have mom express appreciation.

there are family struggles. some stuff is aggravating. i long to get rid of clutter that clogs this house, but fighting that battle may not be worth it. instead, step outside into mom's lovely garden and enjoy the cool breeze that stirs the leaves.

this weekend, angie & i are camping. i am looking forward to it. we'll checkout a bluegrass festival, lots of little artsy shops, and the local restaurants. we'll have a campfire and sit do they say it? shoot the breeze? chew the fat?

i gotta run. dad wants his internet back.

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