Tuesday, June 23, 2015

van pictures

I'm in Massachusetts now for my scribed timber framing class.  But right now I have some van pictures.

After the sink area and the shelf for crates, the third built-in item is a box/seat with a hinged lid.  It  contains the wheel well bump so is convenient for storing the bedding, hammock, and curtains.  

I may eventually add some cushions here.  It's almost big enough to be a bed, but I am sleeping in the hammock so I don't really need a bed. 

Next up:  My solar recharging lamp.  It looks like a large glass jar but the top is a small solar panel and under the lid are 4 LED lights.  If I charge it long enough in the direct sun during the day I can get a few hours of light each night.  It's great and I have positioned a few eye hook screws in the ceiling for hanging.

Finally, my little kitchen is in use!  As you can see the water dispenser is positioned for its job as a faucet.  I located powdered milk (whole, not skim) before leaving NJ.  That's my coffee creamer.

So here's the all-important coffee set up.  Boil water on camp stove (have good ventilation).

Not pictured:  coffee sock.  Scoop in some grounds, add boiled water.  Let steep, then lift the sock.  Here's coffee.  Just add sugar and powdered milk.  Not bad!

I purchased a safe for storing valuables like my computer.  So far it hasn't been necessary but maybe I'll be glad I had it.  It's secured to the floor.

And because I ran out of time, this is my tool storage set up.  Just totes sitting on the floor, sliding back and forth a little as I drive.

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