Wednesday, June 17, 2015

kitchen area

My computer time lately has been dominated by craigslist posts, selling many things in preparation for moving.  Hence my camera is full of photos of furniture and household goods, and I've been on a hiatus from van thinking.  

Today I managed to get out there to work on the third built in item.  But for now here are photos of the kitchen area.  Countertop is completed!

I LOVED carving the countertop edge with my chisel.  I need to get a good detail shot of what the effect is. 

I also used the chisel to carve the opening for the sink.  That was the fun part.

The not fun part was removing paint from the middle board.  In an effort to use up my various collected scraps of wood--I've been making do with all sorts of wood in various conditions.  The rough surface reveals a mighty struggle against a painted surface that we scraped off in what turned into a battle of the wills.

I think the final result is unconventional but wonderful.

Securing the countertop to the structure was another wild ride.  I worked my way underneath, grateful I don't have man-sized shoulders.  Then I drilled straight up, with wood particles raining down on my safety-glass protected eyes, into my clothes and hair.

I have new respect for plumbers, and people who do things underneath things.  Mechanics.

The counter and sink are secure.  I had envisioned lots of built-in storage above the sink but the two crates below will do for now.

Thanks for reading!  It's fun to know people are following along.  I was hanging out in the van tonight, resting in the hammock.  I have a little solar light that casts a lovely glow on the wooden walls.  The hammock swings gently.  I am growing to love my little home.  It's amazing how different it feels in there now that the surfaces are wood instead of metal.

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