Sunday, February 01, 2015

table is done!

Esther Freud's house
I finished my table.  I don't have photos right now as the computer got overhauled and all pictures are on the external hard drive for now.  However, I'm happy to be done, and to have a new improved work space in addition to the countertop I'd been working on.

Next project is a toy bench/box for a friend's baby.  I found a great design in a furniture book, which I'll modify slightly.  I'm gathering my energy for this next project, which I hope is a lot simpler than my table was.

I am making plans for this summer, making up my own apprenticeship program with travel and a variety of experiences.  A new idea is to purchase a van and use it for my travels.  A portable home for the summer.  And I'm excited to be heading west!

The image above is one I saved as my desktop image.  I love how the timbers add coziness to this room.  Have a cozy evening if it is winter where you are.  Soup, warm bread, tea, toast, blankets, hot baths, candlelight.  I wish it all for you.

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