Sunday, January 13, 2008

the other day i went to loews and looked at lumber for a long time. i left without buying any (although I bought a rasp and some other things). on the way home, i found this dresser, minus any drawers, on the curb.

i wedged it into my trunk and drove slowly home. later, i pulled out some of the pieces and repositioned others.

here it is with some shelves roughly in place. when it is done the shelves will be custom-fit and wider. a traditional bookshelf isn't usually this deep. this makes me think it might be better used as storage, perhaps for pots or other items.

i'd like to put it on wheels. i might even put in more shelves. i'm debating removing the back panel.

i have yet to rent a space for working in. i've found that if i restrict myself to working with hand tools, there is no problem doing this in my bedroom. my room is large, and i try to keep the sawdust away from the bed.

i'm psyched about the possibilities of working almost entirely from reclaimed materials. since i'm a beginner, it's good not to be spending much on supplies. keeping the overhead low means that i don't have to stress too much about the puny amount of work i've been doing.

oh yeah, and i used a vacuum today. it did the job fabulously. sigh.


Terri said...

The possibilities are endless. I like the idea of taking the back out and making a nice deep shelf.

Anonymous said...

beautiful find! love the yellow. i like deep bookshelves, I always seem to have books that stick out too far. reclaimed a desk today for michael, and loving it. beautifully designed though made out of crappy plywood and has paper shellacked all over the top. gives it great charm actually. have to love the free part!

Beth said...

and make sure the shelves are nice and far apart, because mine has shelves that are too close, and i struggle to find room for my big binders and books. and yes, vacuums do work well. hee hee!