Tuesday, January 08, 2008

in support of low-tech

cost about $6 (a vacuum costs more than $100)
do not consume electricity
are easier to use (even a child can use one)
can be beautiful; do not need to be hidden in a closet
can be made from natural materials, not plastic
you could make one by hand.

if a hand-made broom were bought from a craftsman for $40, an artisan and his trade would be supported. instead of a factory worker supervising machinery, you'd cast your vote for a person who uses their hands to create something beautiful from wood and dried plant matter.

a broom is difficult to use on carpet, although if the carpet is not thick it can work. i kept a carpeted apartment clean with a broom for a year. it was a workout, though.


Terri said...

You have a truly beautiful blog. I have a lot of reading to do! Take care and thanks for dropping by my blog. I am honored!
P.S. Couldn't agree with you more on those brooms!

Terri said...

Dear Fog, I just went and read even more of your posts and wanted to tell you that the journey you are on sounds so incredible. It sounds hard, too, but like you are doing the right thing for yourself. I hope the path continues to unfold and that you find the teachers you need to guide you. I think we need teachers to help us sometimes. Just reading your blog and you feel like a teacher I have been needing.

Keep writing too. Your writing is great and your perspective is even greater! Sorry for gushing, but I rarely find such inspiring blogs as yours...