Wednesday, November 15, 2006

this week's events

-last night a coworker (we went on the orleans trip together) caught me going to class and said "mahatma ghandi's grandson is speaking here at 7:30". turns out it was a broadcast of a speech in kansas or something, but it was cool. "lessons learned from my grandfather"

-i've been thinking: if we could study how lebanon got peace after the 80's, we might have a clue how to begin to travel towards peace in iraq. ghandi spoke of something he thought might work: a council consisting of representatives--one from each ethnic group--headed up by a chairperson appointed by the u.n. he said that iraq is not ready for traditional democratically elected leadership yet.

-walking at night i saw what appeared to be two notebooks lying in the road. they were 2007 agendas, with month style layout. father. l. & i both like these--on the day we met we discovered we had the exact same agendas--so now we have the same agendas every year. this time, for free, found waiting in the street.

-i wrote a table of contents for a math textbook. it's been in my head for a while. don't know if i want to write it or not.

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Wikkid Person said...

I thought of you at the teacher's conference. He was giving all of this great stuff about how to make teaching relevant and involving critical thinking and so on, and someone asked "Well, how do we do that for math?" and he didn't have a lot of stuff to offer.

He did say "don't teach the skills first, then give them problems to prove they have the skills. Give them problems they can't solve, then give them skills, then let them solve the problems."