Wednesday, November 29, 2006

characteristics of truth...

so...what's your do you sense when you've found some?

a burst of joy?
deep peace?

how about this:
truth unifies formerly disparate areas of your life. it unites people. it brings ideas together into a grander whole. rather than contradicting pieces floating around in your mind, there is a simpler overarching vision.

truth gives me permission to hope: for resolution to the conflict in my head.

what a lovely thing.

the truth sets you free.

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herM said...

For me it's a quiet sense of a piece fitting perfectly into place. Recognition ... it matches something somewhere in me. Just said to my husband last night that if I was in a feeling mood, I felt like I could taste when an herbal medicine was going to do me good, like the liquid Goldenseal I'd been sucking down for my cold. It fit how I felt ... my body recognized it. Free and whole :)