Sunday, November 19, 2006

my take

the net effect of the international interwoven plots in the movie babel was crushing. iñarritu directed amorres perros, also intense, but for some reason it didn't suffocate me with helpless despair in quite the same way. i realized 2/3 of the way through that most of the tragedies occurring (as the audience tensely gets quieter) are a result of men being bull-headed, arrogant, thoughtless, drunk, or heroic.

i don't believe it's that way in real life. we women create our own special brand of tragedy. but in this movie it was just the men. i wonder what that says about the director's outlook on the world.


Wikkid Person said...

Your lack of capitalization is driving this English teacher nuts. I find it made re-reading necessary. Fortunately, English teachers tend to re-read things, unlike many people.

herM said...

crushing is right ... and as for the male dominance part ... seems to me it was their desire to project an image that was the culprit. something to prove or master, including their feelings.