Saturday, May 06, 2006

a sparkling afternoon

this afternoon i felt that the world might be celebrating. perhaps there was joy in the air, in the wind, in the trees, in the sun lighting up the glass hanging and twirling and winking at me. i watched, delighted, but hesitating.

are there moments when all is right with the world? peace on earth, goodwill toward men? i know that anson passed his bar exam. my summer freedom is imminent. angie called me and read her words to me, sad, but rich with insights, powerful descriptions. then i went to see a ballet...and cinderella danced with joy, shining on all around her. i think this time of year--summer coming, vacation so close you can almost touch's full of expectation and new things. i keep expecting everyone to have a story, to radiate excitement.

i'm happy to be blogging again. i'm celebrating that too. rejoice with me.


fog said...

i know that post is ridiculously joyful...but i don't really feel like's just that it seemed that the world was...and i felt a response in me.

Wikkid Person said...

I hope non-poetic posts and entries are allowed...