Monday, May 22, 2006


the night before last, i suffered a very new type of insomnia. it's the type that happens when:
  • you spend the night at a friend's house
  • this friend is very attached to her son, a dog whose qualities i must admit are outstanding
  • the dog sleeps on the floor by the bed
  • the dog unfortunately ate something strange while visiting friends
  • the dog's intestinal track reacts by emitting, from the lower end, stink bombs of the most overpowering strength.
  • you try to press the blanket to your nose, and only partly succeed in hiding from the all-reaching power of the poopy-scented molecules invading all corners of the room.
  • you are too tired to think of the very rational thought of sleeping in the bathtub, with the door closed.


Wikkid Person said...

A friend's dog once killed a gopher, buried it for a week or so, then dug it up and ate bits of it. The gastic emanations which then accompanied the dog for days afterward could have peeled paint off the walls. If dogs weren't so devoted, we wouldn't domesticate them, I guess.

eatyurveggies said...

Wow, that was very funny. Thanks guys for the laughs. Ever read "Walter, the Farting Dog?"