Thursday, January 28, 2010

working on our yurt

(one of the yurt's wall sections, partially completed, taken earlier this week)

we're making progress on our yurt. tonight, we finally completed the 3 wall sections. they are supposed to be the most time consuming portion of the project, and we hope they are, since we've been working on them steadily for the past 3 weeks. next up, door, roof, and canvas covering. each a pretty major project, but then again, it's a home we're building, so it's not supposed to be that easy.

in the video below, adam is drilling one of almost 800 holes in over 100 pieces of wood. we also sanded and then oiled each board, before assembling them into three wall sections. each of the wall sections (khanas) are made of 36 pieces of wood, and then fastened together with knotted ropes.

(in this blog, a girl very thoroughly documents her process building a quite similar yurt.)

we're excited to be moving forward with something that's been a dream for a long time.


Bethany said...

yay!!! progress is great :)

nicole said...

hi, sweetie. if you have a moment, I would love to hear more about your journey toward this, and what the future holds. this is something we're quite interested in. do you have my email?

Beth said...

it's nice to see a picture of what you're making. i'm so glad you're done with the wall sections!!! what kind of floor mat is in the picture? it looks cozy...