Sunday, January 10, 2010


i've always been visually inspired. i don't get addicted to fa*cebook or yo*utube, but can lose hours browsing through beautiful pictures on blogs or websites. i've saved hundreds of jpg files on various computers and browsing through old ones gives me a sense of how my tastes have changed over the years. the ones below are some that still speak to me.

i've nursed an obsession for rustic little homes in natural settings.

brooding landscapes...

the picture below reminds me of a house i loved in ireland, with ladders up to a loft.

i can see myself in a kitchen like this one someday. handbuilt cabinets, running water supplied from a tank above the sink. open shelves, lots of light. function first.

the old, dark wood here..

the slanted ceiling makes for a cozy feeling here:

and this perfect space that simply welcomes you home.


lately i have been challenged to focus less on images of other people's lives and instead training my eye to see the beauty in my own life, and in my own creations. it is satisfying to live in the real world rather than in the idyllic world of photographs.

but returning to these pictures is like browsing a scrapbook of dreams.

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Anonymous said...

loved these so much.