Thursday, February 26, 2009


i've been feeling the weight of the world lately...the heaviness in what i've been reading about so many different types of problems.

today adam & i talked about whether it's good to know, or not know. it's a tough one.

sometimes you can take on more information that your spirit can bear. and yet, we are one planet, and one people, and what one suffers, all suffer.

i've been thinking that maybe this was the lesson that jesus showed us with his life. he shared in the suffering.

not that there isn't joy. life is still here. spring is around the corner. the birds sing, crocuses bloom.

it's amazing that life continues and joy continues even amid such problems. it's inspiring, actually.

here's to awareness mixed with the courage of joy.

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nicole said...

ben and I struggle with this quite often. I want to know what I need to to protect my family, but it can be so painful and depressing to know the facts. usually, though, when something negative is taking place: such as factory farms raising chickens who'll never walk or see sunlight, there's always an alternative that is more settling, fulfilling, and realistic in how we were meant to be connected to the world. such as raising your own backyard flock. in a way, I think, these things take us back to our roots.