Monday, November 19, 2007

we ventured out into a cold wet evening to see the darjeeling limited yesterday. it was full of earnest absurdity and poignant awkwardness, as well as being a visual feast of hues and textures.

another intensely colorful treat is the music of peruvian yma sumac. surprising. november can be bleak and gray...things like these are bursts of sorely needed color.


Anonymous said...

been wondering about that one ... the movie that is. absurd is good. color is good too, and i've been looking down as I walk for the last 2 weeks, for fear of missing a perfect wet leaf. they're never the same when you try to bring them home :)

Katherine said...

. . . i loved darjeeling too . . . i love all wes anderson movies . . . something so odd and beautiful and sad and lovely and full about them . . . yeah :) kate of (your comment settings don't allow non-blogger folks to leave comments . . . :)

Adam Padavano said...

im glad you enjoyed it too, my dear.