Tuesday, January 09, 2007

irish trees

I had to do this in stages so today's topic is trees. Click here to see the pictures or here to see them as a slideshow (you can speed it up or stop it, too).

As many of you know, I am obsessed with trees and the qualities they embody. They speak to me of the human spirit questing for transcendence and union with God. Seeing a tree teaches me the attitude of prayer. Stand still, stretch upward. Recieve the sunshine.

Then there are the roots, the wonderful going deeper in search of water. No one else can see that inner quest.

I love the fact that each type of tree has its signature silhouette and branching style--the perfect union of math and art.

I loved the mythical quality of some of these--I'd never seen anything like them except in the murals in the elf houses Lord of the Rings. Others are shaped by persistent wind.

Tomorrow, pictures of another of my obsessions.


Anonymous said...

welcome home!! glad you're back :) i got the shivers looking at those pics, and was the moss covered trunk the LOTR's inspired one? so reminded me of the ones that talk. can't wait to see more :)

Wordsmyth said...

I like this one.

fog said...

herm, thanks! i'm glad to be back. no, it was not the mossy one, it was the tall ones with sideways branches... but i totally know what you mean about the mossy ones.

thanks, mr. wordsmyth.