Wednesday, January 24, 2007

the idea

click here and here and here to see some funky buildings that i'm talking about.

if you click my amazon wish list you'll see what i'm getting interested in. not that i'm asking for's just how i keep track of books people recommend, for future reference or for checking at the library.

i just ordered two books that i'm excited to get. one of them is:

below is a picture of a woman's kitchen in ireland that i was enchanted by. i furtively took a picture when she left the room to answer the phone.

here is a picture from the book that is coming in the mail.

i've started paying attention to the architecture in my dreams too. sometimes the buildings are very strange, lovely, or oppresive. often memorable.

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Wordsmyth said...

We think a hobbit lives in the house with the grassy roof. But we won't let it take our Preciousssss.