Wednesday, September 27, 2006

oh, the humanity!

where did i read that exclamation? it springs to mind sometimes, when i'm overcome with the beauty of a small gesture: a little child's expression unnoticed by the adult who is pushing the stroller, the way a thin little old woman watches all of us checking out at the grocery store, while tightly gripping her little bag of groceries and waiting on a bench for her ride. she seems caught off guard when i smile at her.

at the produce market, i was waiting in line for checkout and behind me a south american grandmother told her grandson "tengo guineo, huevos, tomate...". i was charmed because most spanish speakers say platano or banana, not guineo.

unrelated, but cool: monday night i went to a catholic meeting for rutgers graduate students. i met a girl whose sister LIVES IN MONTERO. Montero is the town we grew up in, in Bolivia. It is not a major town--no one knows about it. Her sister is a nun there, and she visited there this past summer. Wow.


eatyurveggies said...

that is you and mom, at our house in cochabamba, right? (i'm good!)

K. said...

"Oh, the humanity." The words are those of broadcaster Herb Morrison, who was covering the landing of the zeppelin Hindenberg in New Jersey in 1937. As the ship was about to moor it burst into flames. Morrison's broadcast, surprisingly for the time, was being recorded. You can hear it here: Morrison's famous phrase occurs at about the 4:20 mark of the recording.