Friday, September 29, 2006

friday night fragments

i get so overwhelmed so easily--i have to jealously guard my time alone...say no frequently, and get used to disappointing those who want to hang out...haven't been alone all day, till now.

tonight--theological discussions over thai food, and "the illusionist", a satisfying movie...with nice twists.

tony said something interesting: the dividing line between protestants and catholics is that protestants believe that the bible is the sole source of truth, and catholics rely both on the bible and tradition. (i'm not sure i got that down exactly, but that's the jist of it.)

i'm not sure i'd put myself in either category. i think there are truths that aren't in any texts. truths that are uncaptured, mystical, and waiting to be discovered first-hand from personal experience. truths revealed to us in spirit. truths discovered from walking on the way.

and the tradition thing really irritates me, but maybe that's because i'm an upstart, rebellious protestant--a maverick that wants my logic to be the final judge. i'm open to learning.


i also asked...does Christ work differently through believers & non-believers?

it doesn't seem to be so in my experience. it seems that all encounters could be pleasant or un-pleasant, and in each case i can choose to have faith that some good can come: not because of the individual, but because God wills it.


in the movie, the illusionist rescued the woman he loved.

does that ever happen in real life?


Wordsmyth said...

What does Tony think of the Orthodox? I wonder because they rely on tradition and scripture too, but some of them are adamantly opposed to Catholicism, insisting that Catholics strayed from true Church tradition. Some believe that the Protestant Reformation is a direct result of Catholics straying from the truth. They insist that Catholicism and Protestantism are really just two sides of the same coin. The "debate" makes my head spin.

fog said...

he's done a lot of thinking and seems pretty rooted in catholocism. you two would have fun talking, though. he is very knowledgeable.

i don't find it interesting, although i'm intrigued by the saga of what happened in the time of constantine. so maybe that's the beginning of me being interested.