Saturday, March 14, 2015

toy box bench--done and delivered!

Today I delivered the finished toy bench to the friends who asked me to make it.  It was really exciting to see their reactions to it.

Here are a couple of more pictures:

Special supports hold the lid open if you lift it.  This is a necessity for a child's toy box.  The first hardware I installed was not strong enough to hold up the lid, so I got two stronger ones and they did the job perfectly.

Each board was sanded and its edges rounded with rasp, plane, or sandpaper prior to assembly.  It's important to me that the wood is smooth to the touch.

There were several mistakes along the way that I had to go back and fix, but I carefully fixed each one, taking my time.  It's incredibly satisfying to know that I'm giving them a quality product that will last.  I am hoping that it grows along with its baby owner, meeting different needs during each stage of her life.

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