Sunday, July 18, 2010

more handmade shoes

i was looking for handmade shoes again today and came across some beauties.

my favorites right now are these from Aurora Shoes, made in Aurora in upstate New York.

These shoes can last for more than ten years. It seems that over time they evolve to fit your foot. The shoe I like (below) is about $160.

Here and here are pictures of someone's Aurora shoes from Flickr. And below is a picture of shoes someone has been wearing for 14 years. I think the shoe on the right has been polished so it looks darker.

Another company, Green Shoes in the United Kingdom, also has some beautiful handmade shoes.

These shoes are slightly more expensive but look just as good. I just think I'd prefer to support a company that is closer. So few good shoes are actually made in this country!

Finally, Glen Leasure of Healthy Handmade Shoes in Virginia makes customized shoes. You have to visit his workshop and he molds the shoe to your foot. These shoes cost $300 and up. They look great too.

I like these old-style historical shoes:

My favorite thing about this shoemaker is that he can make shoes for people with deformed feet that otherwise would not be able to wear any shoes at all. He literally has changed people's lives this way.

Aren't craftspeople such a treasure?


Alyssa said...

I can vouch for the comfort of Aurora Shoes. They form to your feet and last forever. Worth every penny.

Piper Sandals said...

If you like handmade in the USA footwear, you may want to take a look at our sandals. We make them in my garage here in San Antonio, TX

Walk Well,

Dave Piper & Family