Friday, May 14, 2010

infinite mercy

Babette's Feast is a classic--a simple but profound experience that must be mulled over and watched again.

At one point in the movie the General makes a speech. Here's an excerpt:

Man, in his weakness and shortsightness, believes he must make choices in this life. He trembles at the risks he takes. We do know fear.

But no. Our choice is of no importance. There comes a time when your eyes are opened. And we come to realize that mercy is infinite. We need only await it with confidence, and receive it with gratitude. Mercy imposes no conditions. And, lo! Everything we have chosen has been granted to us, and everything we have rejected has also been granted. Yes, we even get back what we rejected. For mercy and truth are met together; and righteousness and bliss shall kiss one another.

I've struggled with fear when making decisions. These words are refreshing and comforting. They ring true to my heart, too. Our choices make a difference for our lives, but they'll never come between us and infinite mercy.

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Anonymous said...

i do adore that movie. made my mom watch it once when she came out to PA. I don't remember that speech, and I do know fear. Perhaps time to watch it again ...