Friday, March 05, 2010

Just a brief alert to anyone who reads this--my email was hacked into this morning and a bogus request for money was sent out. Also, I lost all my contacts, and my email history was wiped out. I am looking into another email account, although my gmail account may be ok for now.

It makes me question again the security of having an online existence at all. I got out of facebook for this reason. But at the same time I know that maybe what happened to me was preventable, if I knew more about things. Then again, I don't know how smart I want to keep on having to be!

So please, have good, strong passwords, change them from time to time, and log out of your email while browsing other websites, or choose the https setting if it is available for your email (google has it under general settings, near the bottom).


It's been fun getting phone calls from old friends, all the same.

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