Wednesday, May 27, 2009

more photos

two things have really made me feel inclined to take more pictures lately.

i got back my old camera, which actually holds a charge for weeks at a time. the one i'd been using for some reason needed me to recharge the batteries pretty much every day. there's nothing like having to stop and recharge the batteries to stop you from documenting a plate of food when you really just want to eat it.

also, i downloaded picasa to this laptop. now i can go through, edit, and organize so much more quickly.

i can't believe the months ticking by since august 1, 2008 when we were married. i guess i want to have a record of what our daily life looks like. who knows, maybe it will be very different next year.

one question for you please, though. is there any problem with me posting these photos in large format? i like how they look but am curious. thank you.


Beth said...

i really like the big pictures. and i'm glad you're photographing again. i was just thinking since our visit that you don't take photos like you used to.

angie lines said...

Paula, I love the one of the trees and the one of the mushrooms and the one of the table that I assume you built. Such great pictures. Wow. :)