Tuesday, July 08, 2008

july, then august. it's hot. i sold my air conditioner last summer, and while i don't regret it, i sorely need my daily shower about this time every day.

i'm not in love with summer, but then, there are farmer's markets, open windows, and swimming pools. better yet: those desperately needed evening thunderstorms, when the sky gets dark, and a cool breeze says: "relief--soon!" taking a walk and getting wet feels great. getting drenched is even better.

tonight, the sky is clear. no sign of a rain.


Anonymous said...

happy summer :) may you relish the heat and find the breezes.

nicole said...

even though summer often feels heavy and sluggish, you're right, it comes with so much good.

thank you for your loving comment.

take good care and enjoy today! xo