Monday, June 02, 2008

next project--dining room table

can you see the similarities between all the tables in these pictures?

i find these pictures online and save them. i try to title the files with the photographers names, but not every time. hans zeegers is responsible for the last two.

i have an idea in my head for this table. and sure enough, i find pictures in my inspiration folder that are almost exactly what i envision (only better).

my project has been to slowly but surely replace much of the furniture in my place with handmade, real wood versions. so far: 2 tables, 1 chair, a bookshelf, a bench.

as far as the kitchen table, it worked out well. it is sturdy, and the linseed (which is actually flaxseed) oil has given in a nice finish. the plastic chairs around the old table have been replaced by roadside finds which i've changed, repaired, and cleaned up.


Terri said...

Oh lovely. I can totally see where you are going with this. Nothing beats a rustic great dining table. It's funny, but I love both the down-to-earth authentic furniture you create, and the fancy traditional stuff I seem to be accumulating in my house. I see your ideas and say YES and then I buy fancy things for my house. How funny that we can be two completely different people inside our heads. Hmm, maybe I need to see a shrink. ;)

I love the concepts for your projects. I admire that you have the dream and are starting to see it happens. I love the way you are beginning to become who you want to be. You go girl!

P.S. I noticed one of your posts talked about gardening...have you tried sprouts? I saw a show where this guy made sprouts (inside) out of all kinds of veggies. I can't recall the process but he had these marvellous (rustic) shelves in his house filled with rows of various beautiful sprouts (radish, brocolli, etc) and he actually went into business SELLING them to a local sandwich shop right from his (small) apartment! Talk about local! I can't recall the show but it was on HGTV and I was smitten with the "start small" idea.

Hope all is well! And thanks for visiting my blog. I hope to do more posting soon. I have so much on my mind these days and a million things I want to post about. Time is the problem (and I want to spend less of it in front of the computer!!!)

xo Terri

nicole said...

i've been reading your posts and am really enjoying them. i think we're on the same wave-length with so many things. and if you really don't mind, i'll keep talking about our garden :)