Friday, May 02, 2008

the urge to garden has never been so strong. there is no logic to this, since i don't even have a balcony to put my plants on, but the call to have plants growing, to eat what the earth can is compelling and i WILL find a way.


the first tomato

i sprinkled some yellow pepper seeds in this pot and covered them with soil. here they are...although since they are from a grocery store pepper (that could be a hybrid) there's no way to know if they will produce fruit.

i also planted carrots, apple seeds (from an apple), cherry tomato seeds, and am planning to plant the garlic bulbs that have sprouted. basil and cilantro would be wonderful.

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Beth said...

you are planting in your pots now?! i have a feeling it was one you weren't using. i have started tomato sauce cans etc... for planting my seeds. i am so excited to have a garden!!!!