Thursday, February 28, 2008

maybe this is a good project to start planning. my first table is now underway, with parts here and there waiting to be assembled. i'll get a picture together to post eventually.

i've been struggling with the lack of a proper workspace, and then the lack of a consistent income to pay for renting a workspace, which brings me to looking for a part-time job that can cover my needs. today i felt hopeful as i asked at a library and at a coffee shop. the responses were friendly and positive.

let's see where this goes. meanwhile, i'm off to visit my sis for the weekend.


Arabe_loc0 said...

life is short, fragile and like a pouring rain... enjoy every single drop!!

-b happy

Terri said...

what a perfect vignette. keep moving in the direction of your dreams! i mentioned you on a post today...i hope you don't mind if you get a couple extra visitors. xo nice weekend!