Thursday, December 07, 2006

progress report

signed up for ceramics this spring. what i really need is practice. the fact that i can have unlimited use of the kiln and the glazes for the teeny tiny price tag of $100 for the entire semester is unbelievable [faculty tuition waver rocks!]. my only cost is clay.

i want to work on finding a style, a groove. then maybe one day, one day, i can try to sell some at a coffee shop or art fair. i don't feel like i will ever achieve flawless wheel technique. i don't really want to either--i'm too impatient. i'd rather work on it meditatively but embrace the imperfection.

as far as the search, the quest...

there are classes i'd like to take next summer in building skills. after my sister is successfully hitched, i may dive headfirst into that. i'm not sure exactly where that is heading--making tables, a log-cabin, or what. but when i discovered this place in vermont, i was enthralled and relieved. someone understands this urge...and they've got it right.

there are all these other things...philosophy...father l. gave me a course on cd about the history of ethics...and it's's opened up a lot for me. i need to crack some books but for now it keeps rolling through my mind as i drive.

photography--i ordered prints of some of my good photos to see how good they looked in large format. i almost never order prints--high time that changed.

i'm debating with myself whether to give hitchhiking a try while in ireland. the car rental is unbelievably expensive. i could spent $300-$800 depending. i know, it's going to be cold, rainy, and hitchhiking is dangerous. just sounds so real, so in touch with the actual reality of the place.


eatyurveggies said...

those mugs, you sent me one and i love it. in fact i'm going to use it this morning for my coffee. the building thing sounds like a lot of fun.

Anonymous said...

you helped inspire me to buy a ceramic pitcher at a craft fair this weekend, so thanks :) i love it. and the building thing ... i can smell it and feel it. miss it too. been reading v.s naipaul (half a life, and now 'magic seeds'), and thinking muchly of you while doing so. ever read him? methinks you'd relate.